Different Tooling Methods Of Tungsten

Published: 21/12/20

The river is also used for washing, bathing, fishing as well as wallowing area for carabaos. The DENR RO has launched and funded a program directed towards rehabilitating the Watershed at the Community Forestry Project (CFP), Sitio Tagkiling of Barangay Anticala covering an area of 1,000 hectares. The CFP at Tagkiling, Dugyaman and a portion of Mahayahay extending to a portion of Pianing Sub-Project is mostly open land. Brush land associated with medium-sized tress could be found at the Anticala Reforestation Sub-Project. “A watershed is the land area from which both surface water and groundwater, sediment and dissolved materials drain to a common watercourse or body of water. These problems that persist in the watershed area are primarily caused by the deadly combination of human intrusion and dire poverty. But what is a watershed? Like any other forest ecosystem, the Taguibo Watershed is a large storage of carbon. It provides people and animals the much needed oxygen as it transforms carbon into biomass through photosynthesis. This is where we get clean water supply for the over 300,000 people in Butuan as well as over 100,000 people in the neighboring towns.

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