How Stop changed our lives in 2021

Published: 22/04/21

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Matulino Masunu DL 60 308 lbs. Chase Coalson DB 60 195 lbs. Colson Brunner LS 60 255 lbs. Kaanan Huffman DL 64 230 lbs. Bryan Henderson OL 63 305 lbs. Sermon Wilson DL 63 225 lbs. Max Moenoa TE 63 240 lbs. Moenoa recorded 44 receptions and seven touchdowns, while he notched 446 yards receiving. Buxton racked up 1,480 yards through the air last season. Brady earned first team all-league honors his junior season. Logan Brady WR 61 188 lbs. Jalen Owens DB 510 165 lbs. He also garnered Koin 6 News Athlete of the Week selections. Wolf is said to have be extremely disturbed by the events of last week and publically called for Trump to condemn the violence the day after the attack on the Capitol.

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