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Published: 12/07/21

During solar maximum, the ionosphere is relatively strong and the draped IMF field lines quickly slip past Mars. These lower altitudes of the closest approach of the field line to Mars greatly hinder the day-to-night flow of magnetic flux. This results in a buildup of magnetic flux in the dawnside lobe as the S-shaped topology on that side of the magnetosheath extends farther downtail. Y (duskside) direction. The lobes follow this pattern, with the current sheet shifting away from the larger lobe with the higher magnetic field magnitude. It is found that plasmoids are present even at a very low Lundquist number, and the number of plasmoids scales with both the current sheet aspect ratio and the Lundquist number. The global structure of the current sheet is found to be critically dependent on the source distribution function. We use MMS and observations during two magnetic storms, 5/8/2016 and 7/16/2017, to monitor the composition changes and energization in the 6 – 12 Re plasma sheet region. For both storms the MMS apogee was in the tail. The calculations discussed here verify the earlier suggestion by Low and Wolfson (1988) that extended current sheets should form due to the shearing of a force-free quadrupolar magnetic field.

Spectroscopic measurements of electric fields (EFs) in current sheet plasmas were performed in the CS-3D device. Each processes are necessary for the survival of the web page for the reason that a steady flow of traffic is getting driven for the web site because of the optimization performed for it. More generally, this work augments earlier studies suggesting that the appearance of discontinuities – current sheets – may be a necessary consequence of the topological invariance imposed on the magnetic field geometry of an ideal MHD system by virtue of its infinite conductivity. We consider the free boundary problem for current-vortex sheets in ideal incompressible magneto-hydrodynamics. It is known that current-vortex sheets may be at most weakly (neutrally) stable due to the existence of surface waves solutions to the linearized equations. However, under a suitable stability condition satisfied at each point of the initial discontinuity and a flatness condition on the initial front, we prove an a priori estimate in Sobolev spaces for smooth solutions with no loss of derivatives.

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